About Us


What is an Interior Designer

An Interior Designer plans the decorative elements within an interior space and coordinates the execution of the design. Part of a Designer's job can include but is not limited to color schemes, lighting, furnishings, architectural features, space planning and material selection. The ultimate goal is to create a functional, safe and beautiful home for their client. 


Davis Design

Davis Design specializes in residential design starting with a basic renovation to general contracting. We can assist you in staging your home to be competitive in the real estate market or simply help you in designing the perfect furniture piece. Davis Design excels at space planning and is passionate about staying current on new trends. We can execute a variety of design styles from a traditional living room to a contemporary city loft.  


Our Commitment

Davis Design will work with clients in St. Louis and surrounding areas. We work with a variety of companies and contractors to meet the allocated budget while working to meet the clients expectations.  We will do whatever it takes to meet our customers' individual needs while leaving them feeling completely satisfied with their space. We are dedicated to partnering with our clients to ensure their design style and tastes is represented thoroughly in the final product.